PAYE Umbrella
For further information please get in contact: T&L Contracting Limited, Unit 2, Second Floor, Saxon Gate, Southampton, SO14 3HA  
Tel No. 0845 456 4174   Fax No. 0845 456 4189   E-mail. info@tandlcontracting.com
You will receive an employment contract that will give you the right to benefit from all normal statutory employee benefits including:
• Sick Pay
• Maternity
• Paternity
• Adoption Pay
On top of that, T&L can help you gain additional tax relief by processing allowable expenses against the payments we receive from your agency. Details on our expenses policy and guidance can be found here.
Under this method T&L Contracting Limited will employ you to deliver your services on behalf of the agency. As an employee of T&L, you are not responsible for the obligations placed on the company in relation to tax, the Companies Act requirements, or any other statutory obligations.
• Increased take-home pay
• Complete statutory compliance
• Automated invoicing and payment advice
• Able to contract with the major UK staffing agencies
• Fast efficient and reliable payment by daily Faster Payment Processing
• Assistance with Mortgage applications, Credit Checks and claiming Statutory Benefits
Umbrella Support can help to ensure:
For further information on Umbrella Support, or to request a pack please contact us.
Tel: 0845 456 4174 or 0208 819 1359
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